The Tuxedoed Fallacy

"Gould Meets Gould," 5th of Francois Girard's "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould," written by Gould himself.

The most illuminating disclosures usually derive from areas only indirectly related to the interviewee's line of work...
To me the ideal audience-to-artist ratio is a 1-0 relationship...The artist should be granted anonymity. He should be permitted to operate in secret, as it were, unconcerned with--or better still, unaware of--the presumed demands of the marketplace, which demands, given sufficient indifference on the part of a sufficient number of artists, will simply disappear. Given that disappearance, the artist will then abandon his false sense of public responsibility and his audience, or "public," will relinquish its role of servile dependency.
And never the twain shall meet?

No they'll make contact, but on a much more meaningful level.