An Artists' Interregnum

My brief history, "An Artists' Interregnum," has been posted at Necessary Fiction as part of Amber Sparks's "Excavating the Ancient City." The piece in the photograph above is the so-called Revolutionary Fist, found in the Ruined City layer of the Ancient City (though very possibly cast in the Golden Age of the City). An excerpt:
Truly, an inconceivable caliphate: everything would seem off, wouldn’t it? At least, reversed. And yet, all along, a left-handed cabal had waited their turn at the reins of state, perennially incipient, rock to right-handed power’s paper, smothered (and anyhow, allergic to scissors) and scorned as underhanded by their opposite.
The Golden City’s orientationally-segregated and long ignored class, artists all, unthinkingly damned to a final indignity with the introduction and patent of an exclusively right-handed security system at the courts, threw off the injustice with a cry of foul—no longer even admitted into the presence of the Law? outlandish!—and rushed the tipped scales of the judiciary, seizing the Governor’s Palace in the process. A long-awaited right-brained dynasty was upon the City.
Other histories from Lily Hoang, Anne Valente, Robert Kloss, Joe Kapitan, Salvatore Pane, Mel Bosworth, Christy Crutchfield, Vanessa Ramos, and other scholars of the Ancient City are already up.

Update, 9/30: The website is now up--The Ancient City.