i am here And You Are Gone

Shome Dasgupta's i am here And You Are Gone, the winner of the 2010 OW chapbook competition, is now available for pre-order from Outsider Writers Press and should be shipping really soon (e.g., you should order now if you want to be the first on your block). You can read some of Shome's recent work at LIES/ISLE and Everyday Genius, and you should because those stories are fantastic.

From the opening of i am here And You Are Gone:

Mrs. Jasker was Jonas’ kindergarten teacher. She wore socks like the nanny from Muppet Babies, except they were purple and blue instead of green and white. She always looked like she had just finished crying and never talked much. She napped when the class napped, too. Mary and Jonas were on the playground, twirling around and around, until Hi-C came back out of their mouths. Mary’s favorite cartoon was Looney Tunes. So was Jonas’. He asked her to marry him–she said yes, and he gave her a dandelion.