The Collagist Issue 16

Issue 16 of The Collagist is out now.

  • A Classic Reprint of Amy Hempel's story "The Most Girl Part of You," introduced by Blake Butler
  • Fiction from Andrew Borgstrom, Erik Anderson, Kellie Wells, and Gavin Pate.
  • Poetry from Maya Janson, David James, A. Van Jordan, and Cathy Linh Che.
  • A Novel excerpt from Charles Dodd White's Lambs of Men.
  • Nonfiction from Chad Simpson.
  • And reviews of Frederick Reuss's A Geography of Secrets, Matthew Salesses's Our Island of Epidemics, Josh Russell's My Bright Midnight, Benjamin Percy's The Wilding, and a video review of Hygiene and the Assassin, by Amelie Nothomb

In other words, another jam-packed fantastic issue. Once again, my sincere thanks go out to the reviewers, Caleb Powell, Nick Kocz, Thomas Williams, Alex Gallo-Brown, and Anna Clark. It was a special pleasure to get to work with all of them.

Issue Sixteen will also be this month's selection for Roxane Gay's Literary Magazine Club. If you'd like to join in, please do-- you can always add your comment to the posts or join in at the google group.