The Collagist Issue 18

Issue 18 of The Collagist is up!
Fiction from Michelle Latiolais, Roberta Allen, Nick Kocz & Jenniey Tallman, and Jensen Beach. Poetry from Melissa Broder, Laura Van Prooyen, Gary L. McDowell, and Daniel D'Angelo. Nonfiction from Kyle Beachy. Novel excerpts from Bradford Morrow's The Diviner's Tale and Roy Kesey's Pacazo. And reviews of Gretchen Dane Mazur's Hinges by Amy Minton, John Brandon's Citrus County by Stacy Patton, Erik Anderson's The Poetics of Trespass by Amanda Goldblatt, and Evan Lavender-Smith's Avatar by J.A. Tyler.
Go read it.

With this issue, Ariana Lenarsky joins Tyler Gobble as blog editor. The Collagist blog, if you didn't know, features great interviews with our contributors, and it's always worth checking out.

My sincere thanks goes out to the wonderful reviewers who were kind enough to let us share their work: Another month in paradise, ladies and gent.