Solve for x, when x is an integer such that x>0

My short fiction, "Solve for x, when x is an integer such that x>0," is up now at JMWW, part of their summer 2011 issue, unfortunately the last for flash fiction editor John Madera. John has assembled some awesome issues, and I am so pleased to be in such great company: Cooper Renner, Andrew Borgstrom, Luca Dipierro & Leni Zumas, John Dermot Woods, David Peak, Michael Leong, Ken Sparling, Davis Schneiderman, and Anonymous. And that's just the flash fiction. The issue also features stories from Salvatore Pane, Lam Pham, Claudia Zuluaga, poetry from Adam Peterson and Travis Kurowski, and reviews from M Thompson and Robert Vaughan. And that's just the stuff I've read so far.

Here's the first postulate:

1. Let y = the grandmother.
y! gives the result: a murmur, “Why, you’re one of my babies! You’re one of my own children!”

y-1 = an untimely recognition, the eruption of an unfortunate accusation of identity: “The product of two constants, a (NICE) and b (FAMILY) is always c (THE MISFIT), regardless of the ratio of its factors. One can show this property via division as well: c/a = b and c/b = a.”

y-1-1 = a sudden caprice of memory: a plantation house near Toomsboro with a secret panel, silver from the treasuries of the Confederacy hidden within; reward as yet only rumored, one must believe unfound.

y-1-1-1 = an irrational decision to hide one’s cat in a basket underneath one’s valise so that one’s cat does not asphyxiate him/her/itself on the gas burner when y is not a member of the set “positive integers at home.”

y-1-1-1-1 = a selfish desire to visit some of one’s connections in Tennessee.

My sincere thanks to John and to JMWW's editor, Jen Michalski. And, of course, to Ms. O'Connor.