A Crackle of Crickets

My essay-in-tweets, "A Crackle of Crickets," about the short career of Buddy Holly's replacement in the Crickets, David Box, appears in Housefire Publishing's Nouns of Assemblage alongside work from a truly exemplary list of writers: Matthew Simmons, J. A. Tyler, Megan Lent, Robert Duncan Gray, Caitlin Laura Galway, Tyler Gobble, Jarrid Deaton, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Matty Byloos, Colleen Elizabeth Rowley, David Doc Luben, Lindsay Allison Ruoff, Janey Smith, Nicky Tiso, Ryan Boyd, Robyn Bateman, Ryan W. Bradley, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Morris Hawthorne, Nate Quiroga, Kirsten Alene Pierce, David Tomaloff, Jamie Iredell, J. Bradley, Riley Michael Parker, Bradley Sands, Jess Dutschmann, Andrew Borgstrom, Kevin Sampsell, Joseph Riippi, David Drury, Jessica Knauss, Tom de Beauchamp, Frances Dinger, Maurice Burford, Suzanne Burns, Hazel Cummings, Ted Powers, Lauren Tamraz, Jess Rowan, Peter Schwartz, Stephen Tully Dierks, Ben Tanzer, Jim Ruland, Matt Ferner, Crispin Best, Chelsea Laine Wells, Cameron C. Pierce, Mike Topp, DJ Berndt, Frank Hinton, Carrie Seitzinger, Christy Crutchfield, Matt Hill, Brian Carr, Mel Bosworth, Poncho Peligroso, Michael Kimball, and xTx.

Thanks to Riley Michael Parker and Matty Byloos for including my work. It's a beautiful book, and a lot of fun throughout. And there's even more to read on the Housefire Publishing website.