September's issue of The Collagist marks my one-year anniversary as book review editor, and I couldn't be prouder of all the smart, often beautiful reviews I've been fortunate to edit; of course, the reviewers did all of the work and deserve all of the credit. So, in alphabetical order, my sincere thanks to:

Greg Bem
Jeremy Benson
Josh Billings
Paula Bomer
Adam Parker Cogbill
David Cotrone
Renée D'Aoust
Tom DeBeauchamp
Weston Cutter
Lindsey Drager
Matt Dube
Lacey N. Dunham
Gabe Durham
Gro Flatebo
Peter Fontaine
Michelle Gaffey
Alex Gallo-Brown
Amanda Goldblatt
Charles Holdefer
Kathryn Houghton
Nick Kocz
Nik Korpon
Johannes Lichtman
Mike Meginnis
Jarret Middleton
Amy Minton
Tracy O'Neill
Melanie Page
Gavin Pate
Stacy Patton
Caleb Powell
Dan Rivas
Jena Salon
Candy Shue
Angela Stubbs
M Thompson
JA Tyler
Vicente R. Viray
Robert Alan Wendeborn
Tom Williams

Many were kind enough to contribute more than one review over this past year; I have to count that as a success (though perhaps they were just gluttons for punishment). It was an absolute pleasure to work with them: talented, smart, kind, and generous writers all. It goes without saying that I owe Anna Clark, video reviewer from issue 1, a huge debt of gratitude as well, but I'll say it anyway.

And for the opportunity to work with all of these amazing writers, I sincerely thank Matt Bell. Matt has been extraordinarily helpful and supportive throughout the year, never telling me how to edit, but still teaching me a great deal about being an editor. Clearly, I couldn't have done it without him, but, less obviously, I couldn't have done it without him.

Looking forward to another year, and another!