[BOND, JAMES] by Michele Disler


not quite exact, ballpark      takes cold shower 10; takes ice-cold shower 1; takes sizzling cold shower 1; takes hot shower followed by cold 2; takes hot or cold bath 2; orders Bourbon 6; orders martini 10; is drunk, hung over 2; smokes 70 cigarettes per day 1; admits doesn't like killing in cold blood 7; smiles grimly [17?]; is in villain's employ 3; admits he has no plan, no way out of serious trouble 2; doubts ability to defeat villain [4?]; pumps round from gun into hotel bed or other furniture [5?]; dreams 5; sleeps dreamlessly [8?]; sleeps the "shallow sleep of ghosts and demons and screams" 1; proposes to needle villain 2; proposes 2; needles villain 8; is needled by villain [6?]; is offered a woman in marriage 1; bluffs villain [56?]; appreciates villain as a worthy adversary 6; speculates villain is completely insane [8?]; shoves gun into trouser waistband 9; says breakfast is favorite meal 3; contemplates animal beauty [taut breasts, etc.] of girl [89?]; is annoyed villain isn't more worried about him 1; cries, sobs [5?]; sneers at self for lying to girl, villain [34?]; questions gut instinct [10?]; believes in gut instinct [10?]