Couple Things

1) The Lit Pub recommends Shadow Man: A Biography of Lewis Miles Archer[The Lit Pub, as I'm sure you know, is a wonderful, attractive resource for readers. They were kind enough to reprint the interview that I did with Shome Dasgupta.]


2) Tobias Carroll reviewed Shadow Man for Vol. 1 Brooklyn, as part of a post "On the Aesthetics of Absence," alongside books from Sophie Calle, Kathryn Davis, Marie Chaix, and Adolfo Bioy Casares. About Shadow Man, Carroll writes,
Gabriel Blackwell’s Shadow Man isn’t an easy book to describe. . . . The tone suggests the work of a hard-boiled historian: pulp metaphors collide with examinations of Californian history, real and imagined. There are Byzantine narratives here, and a meta-narrative in which they’re all nested. The end result is heady and often thrilling.
Pretty great!