Liner Notes by Andy Mister

Scenes and conversations on the movie screen foreshorten reality. They are never coterminous with such moments in real life. That's why "real time" can feel so uncomfortable. As if the Earth had stopped dying for a moment. The sky pinned between trees. But we just keep dying anyway.

Darby Crash died of an intentional heroin overdose on November 7, 1980. He was 22 years old. The story goes that Darby entered into a suicide pact with a female friend. They bought $400 worth of heroin with Darby's earnings from a Germs reunion show. Darby injected his friend with a non-lethal dose and then injected enough heroin to kill himself four times over. In the morning the girl woke up next to Darby's dead body. Darby's older brother also died from an overdose.