Dolly City by Orly Castel-Bloom

People talked about the Germans and cursed them all the time, it really turned them on. In the closed wards of the many insane asylums in Dolly City there was a big demand for German POWs, to show them who's their daddy. It got out that a certain POW, Friedrich, had fallen into the hands of a few manic-depressives who sodomized him, vomited on him, and then went through his pockets where they found American chewing gum, and ate it all up.

I hardly got any sleep. I worked round the clock. I even agreed to go to the post office and buy stamps, so that the wounded soldiers arriving in droves from the battlefield could send letters home to their mothers.

The air raids grew heavier, and the French began dropping shit-bombs on us, there was so much shit flying around that it was hard to understand where they were getting it all from.

I heard someone say they simply liked eating, they were a nation that just loved to eat, and it was all down to their superior metabolisms.