Excerpt of Madeleine E in 3:AM Magazine

Two scenes from my work-in-progress, Madeleine E., are up now at 3:AM Magazine. As you can probably tell from the title, the book is about Hitchcock's Vertigo. Here's a bit from the first scene, "[EXT. Podesta Baldocchi (LATE AFTERNOON)]":
Elster pays Judy off, buys her silence. It seems that we are meant to believe that this is what has happened, their partnership ended with a transaction. But it seems much more likely that Judy, having come upon this man waiting patiently in the tower with the rotted corpse of his murdered wife for an eventuality whose timing, even the likelihood of its occurrence, could not realistically have been planned so exactly, is disgusted with Elster—and with herself—and tells him she never wants to see him again. Any money that changes hands does so by way of an indulgence, a pardon.
Thanks to editor Greg Gerke, who helped to give the excerpt a little more shape than it would otherwise have had.