ALL CAPS, new fiction online at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

One of my very short fictions, "ALL CAPS," was published in Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Here's a little bit of it:
I don’t know what I was thinking, your Honor, when I told him . . . She was wearing a blazer and diamond earrings, but the newspapers covering the trial, having already discovered the woman’s social media accounts, chose to run a photo in which she was sitting in a wheelchair (she was not wheelchair-bound), wearing a nurse’s scrubs (she was not a nurse), and in which photo, because of a poor coloring choice and the angle from which the picture had been taken, she looked bald. When you told him . . ., the judge prompted her—the woman had a habit of drifting off when not directly addressed—Yes, when I told him I hoped he would see his son real soonI don’t get why I said that.