Fathers and Sons, new fiction in Vestiges_03: Mimesis

"Fathers and Sons," a longer fiction, was published in Vestiges_03: Mimesis. Here's a paragraph from the first page:
And look, before we go any further, please understand I am a miserable person and I know it. My good fortune has, for instance, never seemed particularly good to me. I have, on an embarrassing number of occasions, only just barely stopped myself from complaining about the problems my wife and I have with our son to someone who, for all I know, can't have kids, or lost one young. There are those who have it worse, I mean, and, in my better moments, I recognize that my way of seeing the world is cowardly and childish and to be regretted. And there is also the convenient deafness I tend to develop when my daughter demands my attention, and the reproach I see in my son's face when I tell him I love him—though of course I know there is no reproach there, not really—and then there is also my tendency to make things about me when, in fact, they aren't.
The issue also features new work from Adam McOmber, Susan Daitch, Greg Mulcahy, Vi Khi Nao, Derick Dupre, and other worthies.