New essay, "What Are Children Made Of?" in The Adroit Journal #29

"What Are Children Made Of?," a new essay, appears in the new issue of The Adroit Journal alongside work from Jane Wong, Emma Bolden, Emilia Phillips, Clint Smith, Dana Levin, and many others. Here's the end of the first section, "Snips":
Father and son from UK will make area stop on their cross-country moped trip. Local couple and son killed in drunk-driving crash late Tuesday. Local father-and-son baseball dynasty will face off for the first time on Sunday, when the longtime coach and the star right-fielder battle for the conference championship. Hate crime alleged in case of local teenagers accused of beating man and his teenage son; They just thought they were going to buy a cell phone, family representative says. Son asks mother, Mom, is God going to forgive me? after shooting father twice, local news reports.