Father Caraher on Rollerskating

"While I approve of athletic sports and games in general, I have only words of condemnation to utter against skating rinks. I condemn public skating because it is dangerous both to body and soul. Many receive injuries at the skating rinks from which they never recover. In skating the bones are oftentimes broken, limbs are twisted, and the body severely bruised. While the danger to the body in the skating rink is great, the danger to the soul is greater. Skating rinks are frequented by the worst elements of society. Some of the male skaters speak to one another afterwards of their experiences and their conquests of young women in the rinks, and where do the skaters go after they leave the rinks? I answer, some of them go to perdition. Skating is not only a foolish, silly exercise, but it is most dangerous to body and soul. I request you to avoid the skating rinks and thereby show a good example to the rest of the community."

-Father Terence Caraher, pastor of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis and chairman of the Committe on Morals of the North Beach Promotion Association (San Francisco, CA)