Lovecraft on "Realistic Fiction"

While having the highest respect for the authors of realistic fiction, & envying those who are able to accomplish the successful reflection of life in narrative form, I am sadly aware through actual experiment that this is a province definitely closed to me. The fact is, that I have absolutely nothing to say where actual, unvarnished life is concerned. The events of life are so profoundly & chronically uninteresting to me-- & I know so little about them as a whole-- that I can't scrape up anything in connexion with them which could possibly have the zest & tension & suspense needed to form a real story. That is, I am incurably blind to dramatic or fictional values except where violations of the natural order are concerned. Of course, I understand objectively what these values are, & can apply them with fair success to the criticism & revision of others' work; but they do not take hold of my imagination sufficiently to find creative expression.