The Collagist Issue 15

October's issue of The Collagist is now live, featuring fiction from Mary Hamilton, Ryan Call, Eric Bosse, and Lito Elio Porto, poetry from Hilary Varner, Ross White, Matthew Nienow, and Traci Brimhall/Brynn Saito, nonfiction from Jeneva Stone and Amy Holwerda, an excerpt from Peter Geye's Safe from the Sea, and reviews of Rachel B. Glaser's Pee on Water, Tina May Hall's The Physics of Imaginary Objects, Ben Spivey's Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, Kate Zambreno's O Fallen Angel, Jeremy M. Davies's Rose Alley, and Daniel Kehlmann's Fame.

This is a very special issue for me -- my first as book review editor -- and getting to work with such brilliant people (Mike Meginnis, Jarret Middleton, JA Tyler, Angela Stubbs, and Anna Clark) is just such an unprecedented pleasure. Thank you, one and all. Thanks also to Matt Bell for his help and confidence in me. Now go read it.