Story (with Dog)

 My "Story (with Dog)" is up at Metazen today. Here is the first postulate:

IF a character A exists SUCH THAT character A is human AND is male AND has been vacationing at Yalta for a week and a half AND is married to a tall, erect woman with dark eyebrows who pretends to be an intellectual AND vacations at Yalta without his wife because afraid of her BUT cannot bear to be without the company of “the lower race” for more than two days together AND has been repeatedly unfaithful to his wife AND on that account calls women “the lower race” THEN let that character A be an official of middling rank.

If you haven't been reading Metazen regularly, here are some great stories and poems from Sean Lovelace, Matt Bell, Tyler Gobble, Roxane Gay, Joe Kapitan, and James Tadd Adcox to get you up to speed. My thanks to editors Sheldon Lee Compton and Frank Hinton for publishing "Story (with Dog)" in such esteemed company.