A Night at the Opera

Puerto del Sol Volume 45, Issue 2 is out and shipping!

Incredible new work from Michael Martone, Rachel B. Glaser, Rick Moody, Grace Krilanovich, Robert Lopez & Samuel Ligon, Joshua Cohen, Brian Conn, S. J. Culver, Masha Tupitsyn, a play from Sam Pink, an interview with Danielle Dutton courtesy of Angela Stubbs, poetry from Samantha Stiers, Erik Anderson, Sarah Blackman, Abraham Smith, Jenny Browne, and Kate Greenstreet, reviews from Matt Dube, Mike Meginnis, Robert Alan Wendeborn, and Joe Sacksteder, a roundtable on Star Wars with Matt Bell, A D Jameson, and Rikki Ducornet, and so much more. This is really -- really -- a fantastic issue, presented beautifully as always, and well worth the ten bucks it costs.

Thanks to Carmen Gimenez Smith, Evan Lavender-Smith, Mike Meginnis and Tracy Meginnis for including my report, "A Night at the Opera," alongside such fine, talented writers.

I was lucky enough to read with Grace Krilanovich and Ryan Boudinot at University Books in Seattle last month. I chose a section of "A Night at the Opera."

And if you're not into my face/voice, here's a bit from the beginning of the report, in black and white:

The Agency’s stated priority is the reacquisition and demobilization, deconcatenation, detention, and debriefing of the stated targets [Marx, Groucho; Marx, Chico; Marx, Harpo]. Appended to counsel’s response to Agency’s request is Agency’s report on the previous series of interrogations, conducted 13 April to 18 April, 72nd year of Firefly.

You indicated that the standard “State Room” detention chamber reserved for series such as this one would not be used in the present series of interrogations. You indicated orally that the interrogations of detainee Marx, Chico and detainee Marx, Harpo were initially essayed using standard “State Room” protocol. You indicated orally that detainee Marx, Chico was shown to be effective in interpreting otherwise unclassifiable information extracted from detainee Marx, Harpo, but that information thus obtained was shown to be uniformly faulty.
[Detainee Marx, Chico reports that he no say Paul Tee, he don’t even-a know any Paul Tee—he say Rufus T.: Rufus T. Firefly.]
You indicated that “Coffin” style detention chambers would be used in all phases of the suspects’ detention. Use of “Coffin” detention chambers [also known as “Bucket” or “Can” chambers] has been determined most effective in the case of detainees showing marked proclivities toward prevarications while under interrogation, and in the case of suspected double operatives and the irretrievably deceased. You indicated orally that all such standards applied in the present series of interrogations, resulting in counsel’s approval of the recommendation re: “Coffin” detention chambers.
[Detainee Marx, Chico reports that he no-a smoke, so he no have-a the coughin’ but you-a go right ahead, he don’t-a mind.]