My erasure of the first postulates of Charles Fort's Book of the Damned, "  OK THE DAMNED," is now up at On Earth As It Is, a wonderful collection of prayer narratives curated by Matthew Simmons and Bryan Furuness. The site also features some beautiful work from Brian Oliu, Matthew Olzmann, Amy Minton, Matthew Specktor, Ken Baumann, Melissa Broder, Alicia Jo Rabins, Aaron Burch, Kirsty Logan, Ethel Rohan, Kyle Minor, Adam Robinson, Ray Vukcevic, Melanie Rae Thon, Nicole Walker, and many more.

"  OK THE DAMNED" is an appendage from the novel I've been working on, The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men. Here's a bit from the first page:

As to       logic            --
    there is only      logic          :
   nothing           has been proved:
                there is nothing       .

When                  those                 merging           into  
      one     There is nothing     .