A purposeless and joyous cosmic dance

I realized there was no hurry to do anything-- it's always enough to tell one story, shoot one film, or paint one picture at a time for all pictures and stories to be present.

Behind every work of art there are two things intermingling, each referring to the other: the face of the author, the features of which are drawn from the universe at large, and the universe, which appears in the mirror of the face.

You will realize that your life is in some strange way a copy of the stories that arise from this landscape. And you will smile when I tell you of the literature of the authentic diary because you will know that you never encounter yourself until you leave yourself behind for the world of magical stories. Even the most candid diary is an embarrassing conceit, as the I of such literature is always a pitiable, fantastical figure who is less real than all the kings, princes, and princesses of the island's Book.

                                                               -Michal Ajvaz, The Golden Age (Dalkey Archive, 2010)