Latitude 33° 11' North, Longitude 40° 28' West

Issue 11.1 of DIAGRAM is out, featuring Hybrid Essay Contest Winner Peter Jay Shippy, as well as Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch, Tamiko Beyer, Eleza Jaeger, Jeff Alessandrelli, Lightsey Darst, Keith Leonard, André Braga Cabral, Paul Cunningham, Jesse Priest, Simon Perchik, Meghan Martin, Rebecca Elliott, Kevin McClellan & Steve DeMaio, and Thomas Patrick Levy.

My (non)fiction, "Latitude 33° 11' North, Longitude 40° 28' West," about the Teignmouth Electron and its helmsman, Donald Crowhurst (and featuring my rendering of one iteration of John Conway's Game of Life) is in the issue, too. Here's the opening:

The frangibility of all arrangements, first to nth is ab initio, innate; still, some initial arrangements achieve persistence, seem to promise a kind of permanence. The Teignmouth Electron, for instance: 

My thanks to Ander Monson, Sarah Blackman, and all at DIAGRAM for including my work in their exceptional magazine. I always look forward to a new DIAGRAM, and it was a special treat to find my own work in this latest issue.