The Whistle of the Knife-Sharpener

My fiction, "The Whistle of the Knife-Sharpener," a cutup of William S. Burroughs's 1985 introduction to Queer, the epilogue to Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and a few other things, was published today in Super Arrow 4. Here's a bit from the beginning:

My thanks to the wonderful Amanda Goldblatt, both for publishing my fiction and for Super Arrow, one of my favorite journals. It is an honor to have this piece appear alongside work from Adam Peterson, Joseph P. Wood, Kellie Wells, Kerri Webster, Joe Milazzo, Alec Hershman, Steven Karl & Angela Veronica Wong, Carlos Hernandez, Megafortress, Kate Brandt, Brandon Anschultz, and a portfolio of work from Issue 3's contributors, including Brian Oliu, J. A. Tyler, J. A. Gaye, Ben Nardolilli, Jeremy Allan Hawkins, Megan McShea, Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin, Nick Ripatrazone, Teseleanu George, Chelsea McKelvey, Seth McKelvey, and Amelia Colette Jones.