The Last Film of Alan Smithee

Conjunctions 58, Riveted: The Obsession Issue is out and has an incredible lineup:

Fiona Maazel | Jonathan Carroll | Martine Bellen | Sigrid Nunez | Christopher Sorrentino | Elizabeth Robinson | Andrew Mossin | Gabriel Blackwell | Michael Sheehan | Sarah Lang | Joyce Carol Oates | Ryan Ruby | Stephen O'Connor | Lyn Hejinian | Julia Elliott | Robert Fernandez | Brian Conn | Karen Donovan | Adam Weinstein | Chinelo Okparanta | Joanna Howard | Nicholas Grider | Bernadette Esposito | Ryan Flaherty | Karen Lepri | Shena McAuliffe | Urs Allemann

My contribution, "The Last Film of Alan Smithee," grew out of an obsession with the reclusive director that I've had at least since seeing the Alan Smithee cut of David Lynch's Dune. Because I am both a subscriber and a contributor, I've got an extra copy, and I think that you should have it. Just comment below with your favorite Alan Smithee film and it's yours. I'll randomly pick the recipient on 5/29.

[Update, 5/29: Chosen randomly by asking my wife to pick a number between 1 and 5 (she had no idea why I was asking her to pick a number between 1 and 5, but such is the beauty of our union that she chose a number nonetheless), the winner (and still champion): rslynch! Thanks to everyone who entered.]