Zane Sparling reviewed Shadow Man: A Biography of Lewis Miles Archer for the Willamette Collegian. It's a smart take:
The vicarious appeal of the gumshoe is simple: They embody the edgy sort of justice that stands up for truth without endorsing the parts of law and order that give out jury summons or parking tickets. Yet, at the end of Shadow Man, we almost know less about the eponymous Lew than we did before. You can’t have shadows without light to cast them, but it goes without saying that Blackwell’s beam illuminates more that is unknown than known.
And Amber Sparks (author of the wonderful collection, May We Shed These Human Bodies) named Shadow Man one of the Best of the Best of 2012, alongside books from Matt Bell, Anne Carson, Robert Kloss, Amelia Gray, Tim Horvath, Diane Williams, Robert Lopez, Jarret Middleton, James Tadd Adcox, Sal Pane, Joanna Ruocco, and many others I would've put on my own Best/2012 list.