Author Conversation: Gabriel Blackwell & Robert Kloss

Monkeybicycle hosted a conversation between Robert Kloss and myself. Robert talked about his novel The Alligators of Abraham (MudLuscious Press, 2012), and I talked about Shadow Man. Robert had this to say:
I would like to never again write about the feelings or thoughts of any of my characters, especially when writing about the bizarre. I would rather focus on physicality—defining through action. The second person allows for that kind of distance, while also creating the kind of intimacy that you mention. There is also something about the second person that lends to a voice and language driven narrative, while at the same time limiting the kinds of character-related concerns that a first person narrative may have. Finally, second person allows for a sort of sweeping vastness—Ohle’s all-seeing narrator—that I find necessary to writing the kind of book that interests me.
You can read the rest of the conversation here. Thanks to Steven Seighman for having us, and thanks especially to Robert for the great questions and answers.