The Devil in Kansas by David Ohle

In another part of town, hours later, Kenny, Sherry, and Joe are down at the end of a lonely street, appraising the skid row surroundings: warehouses, lounges, boarded-up storefronts, and a small, dilapidated movie theater called The Terranova. The marquee is dimly lit, but with enough light to make out the feature: The Grotto.

Joe says, "That's where we stay the first night. It's not a hotel, but it's where we stay, where we have to stay."

A line of new arrivals stands in line outside the Terranova. Kenny, Sherry, and Joe join them.

Just across the street is an ice-skating rink called The Ice Palace. Lettering on the marquee is bright and clear: SPANKINGS TONIGHT.

Kenny points to the Ice Palace marquee. "What's that all about?"

Joe doesn't remember.