Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith

So Leo tells them about a recent dream. In the dream, he was obsessed with the movie The Night of the Hunter. But it wasn't The Night of the Hunter. It was an old vampire movie with Theda Bara in it. In fact, it was called Return of the Hunter, a sequel. He was watching it on his grandmother's old television. The one with the knob to turn from channel to channel and the rabbit ears . It was cased in wood and was so large and heavy it sat on the floor, the largest piece of furniture in the room. But this was not in his grandmother's living room. It was in an older house, a castle he was visiting in Wales. It was a moonless night. The furniture was growing its own upholstery. Armchairs and couches were alive, like plants. Mossy. Fungal. He didn't want to sit on anything. There was a kitchen nearby with people preparing food from boxes and cans. Leo watched the vampire movie, thinking to himself that he must remember to find this movie later, in daylight, back in his city.