Hider Roser by Ben Mirov

 Comprehension Test

How is this story different from the other stories you have read? Is it a true story? Does it tell us about the past or the future? How many years did the house stand after it was built? What caused its destruction in the end? Did the house and its inhabitants die at exactly the same time or at different times? When do you think the inhabitants died? Were the explosions completely unexpected? How many people lived in the house? Can you describe their habits? What time did they get up in the morning? What did each of them eat and drink for breakfast? Did the children have the same things as the adults? When did they leave for school or for work? What did they eat for lunch? Did they go back to school or to work in the afternoon? If not, what did they do? Did they go to bed? Did any of them like poetry? If so, who? Did the various automatic machines in the house realize that there was no one home in the house that day? What do you think caused the sickness and death of the dog? what happened to its dead body?