George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time by Peter Dimock

Extended notation: I. Historical Subject: George Anderson (Governing scene: "So they began . . . etc.," merging with "When I knew . . . etc."). III. Truth Statement: I would like to arrive at a point where I am able to grasp the essence of a certain place and time, compose the work, and play it on the spot naturally. iii(a). Constructive Principle (positive): The only serious philosophical question is what Eurydice saw when Orpheus looked back. What Eurydice saw when Orpheus looked back determines the worth of his song. iii(b). Constructive Principle (negative):Events under imperial rule unfold according to a technocratic logic of stochastic determination. The outcome of events gains unanswerable authority from the logic of their determination. Stochastics is that branch of statistical mathematics that concerns random sets of observations, each of which is plotted as a point on a separate distribution curve.