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My new essay "(    )" appears in the just-out Conjunctions 60: In Absentia, alongside work from Robert Walser, Brian Evenson, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Olen Butler, Miranda Mellis, Julia Elliott, Robert Coover, Frederic Tuten, Joanna Ruocco, JW McCormack, Matt Bell, John Madera, Kim Chinquee, Benjamin Hale, and too many others to list here. Here's a bit from the beginning of "(    )":
Now alone, knock on Bobby (that most famous of wooden noumena, the not-in-use-just-now dummy of ventriloquist Signor Blitz (famed, as you already know, for the spectacle of his opening routine (involving an as-yet unhandled Bobby firing a pistol at Blitz from across the stage as Blitz enters (the ventriloquist, seeming to exhale cordite, having caught the bullet between his teeth (the trick being that Bobby talks all the while (first, professing anger at his constant manipulation by Blitz, then, once he’s pulled the trigger, expressing sorrow at having killed his master (Blitz slumping over on his back opposite Bobby, both thrown backward by the force of the shot . . .
It is always an incredible honor to be in Conjunctions. My sincere thanks to Bradford Morrow, Micaela Morrissette, Pat Sims, and everyone else there.