Excerpt of Madeleine E in The Collapsar

Another two scenes from Madeleine E. are up, as part of the first issue of The Collapsar, "[EXT. Redwoods (DAY)]" and "[EXT. Cypress Point or Point Lobos (DAY)]." Here's the first part of the second scene:
There is a moment in the scene the script designates as taking place at “Cypress Point or Point Lobos” (the precise location evidently at that point still unchosen; filming eventually took place at Cypress Point, possibly because of the relatively easy access provided by 17-Mile Drive) where both music and waves swell and it is possible to believe that there are lines of dialogue we cannot hear, a moment in which, for the first and last time, Madeleine and Scottie share a private moment together.
With generous thanks to editors Nate Knapp and James Brubaker.

The excerpt was also chosen by Longform as one of their fiction picks for the week—thanks, Longform!