A Field in Winter

"A Field in Winter," another new fiction of mine, appears in the first issue of Black Sun Lit's journal Vestiges. The magazine is beautiful, and also features work from Andrei Platonov, George Szirtes, Evelyn Hampton, James Brubaker, Ryan Chang, M Kitchell, and many others. Here's the first paragraph of "A Field in Winter":
Before, in the bathroom, I'd lapped at the last of my brother, mixed in I guess with blood from the trucker. The haunting-space it would show me would be like looking through the surface of a lake; what I saw would be displaced, and so, made clumsy, I would be unable to grasp things there as I would here, but it wasn't that I wanted to hold anything or bring it back, only that I wanted to avoid the visit altogether, to get in and get out, and this seemed the best way to convince father to ignore me—to visit him twice. First I would go as my best self, my ghost, the one he could only grasp in memory; then, again, later, in reality, as though still a ghost, liberating my brothers from their guardian.