Fact-checking and Wittgenstein Reads The Varieties of Religious Experience, appear in Issue 1 of Always Crashing

Two of my very short fictions, "Fact-checking" and "Wittgenstein Reads The Varieties of Religious Experience," appear in the first issue of Always Crashing. Here's a little bit from the latter:
Ludwig Wittgenstein is flying a kite. He is nineteen, newly arrived in Manchester, and it is his job. Ad occupations go, Wittgenstein writes his sister Hermine, it is "the most delightful I could wish for." In less than three years, however, he will reconsider, write that aeronautics has induced in him "a constant, indescribable, almost pathological state of agitation," and give up the study of flight altogether . . .
The issue also features new work from Michael Martone, Christian TeBordo, Elise Blackwell, Anne K. Yoder, Meghan Lamb, and many others.