other works

Bedtime {New Sinews}
Fathers and Sons {Vestiges}
Significant {Big Muddy 18.2}
ALL CAPS {Vol. 1 Brooklyn}
Faith {wigleaf}
Mercury in Retrograde (Puerto del Sol}
Blue Light {Puerto del Sol}
Ceremony {Puerto del Sol}
Babel {Conjunctions}
Leson {Conjunctions 68: Inside Out}
A Field in Winter {Vestiges}
The Before Unapprehended {Conjunctions}
The Invention of an Island {Conjunctions 62: Exile} 
(   ) {Conjunctions 60: In Absentia}
[CURTAIN] {Artifice 5}
The Mystery of the Flesh {Follow the Blood}
A Model Made Out of Card {Unstuck 2}
MID-CAREER WRITER® {Necessary Fiction}
The Last Film of Alan Smithee {Conjunctions 58: Riveted}
An Interpretive History of Addition {Uncanny Valley #0001}
A Crackle of Crickets {Nouns of Assemblage, Housefire Publishing}
Neverland {Uncanny Valley Press}
The Whistle of the Knife-Sharpener {Super Arrow, Issue 4}
The I and the It {Conjunctions 56: Terra Incognita}
  OK    THE DAMNED {On Earth As It Is}
Story (with Dog) {Metazen}
A Night at the Opera {Puerto del Sol 45:2}
An Artists' Interregnum {Excavating the Ancient City}
Play {The Collagist}
The Little Death {Conjunctions, Not Even Past: Hybrid Histories}
The Behavior of Pidgeons {Conjunctions}

Scenery {New Sinews}
Wittgenstein Reads The Varieties of Religious Experience {Always Crashing}
Fact-checking {Always Crashing}
The Company the Solitary Keep {Los Angeles Review of Books}
But to Interact {Soundings}
On Sarah Blackman's Mother Box {Kenyon Review Online}
On Norman Lock's Love Among the Particles {Kenyon Review Online}
The Art of the Sentence: Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep {Tin House}
Review of Miranda Mellis's None of This Is Real {HTMLGIANT}
On Lawrence Weschler's Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder {Tin House 51}
Review of Lance Olsen's Calendar of Regrets {Puerto del Sol 46:1 & 2}
Interview [w/ Tim Horvath] {Necessary Fiction}
Interview [w/ Mike Meginnis] {Uncanny Valley Blog}
Review of Evan Lavender-Smith's Avatar {American Book Review, 32.4}
Review of Peter Mountford's A Young Man's Guide. . . {The Literary Review, Vol. 54, No. 3}
No News Today {Kamby Bolongo Mean River}
Grace Krilanovich [Interview] {Hobart, October, 2011}
On Reading {The Laughing Yeti}
Interview [w/ Matt Bell] {The Collagist}
On Ross Macdonald {HTMLGIANT}
On Roy Lichtenstein {HTMLGIANT}